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my little Russian princess

jon woodworth


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   This is a story that many migrant families will recognise as Valentina Selg tells how her parents fled persecution in communist Russia to forge a new life in Sydney in the 1920s.     

   She has recollections of marauding Cossacks terrorizing peasants and hacking her grandfather and uncle to death and the Bolsheviks who sentenced her father to death until her mother pleaded for mercy.

  The author describes the transformation from an Estonian/Russian culture to the Australian way of life, covering subtle racism of school students towards ‘New Australians’ and not-so-subtle racism experienced when applying for university admission. The Dean of Sydney University, felt it unwise for her to study law because “Australians were not ready to trust a migrant female lawyer”.

   Valentina remembered surviving inner-city Sydney in the Great Depression, fear  in WWII as the war claimed the life her husband Jim who was killed in a bomber crash during the Battle of Britain. He had been a pillar of Sydney society and his loss removed any chance of her 'rising through the ranks'.

    Her intriguing life story includes, her father being thrown off Bondi Beach in a Tarzan loincloth, founding a commercial orchid nursery in First Avenue Loftus, helping form the local bush fire brigade and becoming world renown as the pioneer of cymbidium orchid grower.

    She was friends with noted photographer, Max Dupain, married a Sydney ABC Orchestra cello player, berated the NSW Government for funds to build Sutherland Shire Hospital, assisted the euthanasia of her father and she discusses her own thoughts on spirituality and suicide.