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minefields and miniskirts

australian women and the vietnam war


 siobhan mchugh


Much has been written about the young soldiers who went to Vietnam as innocent boys and returned as hollowed out men. Far less has been written about the women, who mostly went in caring roles rather than to the front-line. But the experience was just as defining- and haunting - for them. They encountered adventure and abuse, romance and rape, carnage and cause for celebration. They also discovered strengths they never knew they had.

Moving, enlightening and sometimes shocking Minefields and Miniskirts broke new ground when first published in 1993. It tells the gripping and extraordinary real-life stories of thirty five women who went to Vietnam as nurses, journalists, entertainers, volunteers and consular staff, along with those women who waited at home for their shattered husbands, fathers, brothers and sons to return home.


269 pp   -   Paperback   -   Published 1993


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