mark of the lion

the story of charles upham VC and bar

   kenneth sandham




295 pp   -   Paperback   -   reprinted 2003


                                      Australia  = AUD$30 (including postage in Australia)

                                     PNG and NZ   = AUD$42 (including economy air mail)

                                      The World = AUD$46 (including economy air mail)


       Mark of the Lion is the story of one of the few  men to have twice won the highest British military honour - the Victoria Cross for bravery.

      Charles Upham was a modest New Zealand soldier who had to be coaxed to talk about his acts of extreme bravery.

       Sandford wrote this book so that all New Zealanders and military historians all over the world might have access to the story of one of the greatest exemplars of soldiering to have fought for his country.




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