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hitler's scientists

science, war and the devil's pact


 john cornwell

Nazi Germany had a head start in the science and technologies that dramatically transformed armed conflict  in the twentieth century.

John Cornwell's powerful new history tells the story of Germany's scientists, from Hitler's rise to power in 1933 to his fall in 1945. He describes the behaviour of the researchers in the huge span of scientific disciplines in which Germany excelled the rest of the world. Some were Nazi enthusiasts, many more were fellow travellers. Few resisted or rebelled and their efforts prolonged the war. Their failure to translate leading-edge expertise into military success is a crucial feature of world history. Their degenerate exploitation of death-camp victims and slave labour brought lasting shame on the entire German scientific community. Cornwell's disturbing book, however, raises questions about the conduct of all scientists whatever their nationality or ideology.

549 pp   -   hardback   -   Published 2003


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