redcoats to cams

a history of the australian infantry 1788-2001

 Ian kuring


This book is published

in association with the

Australian Army History Unit







560 pp   -   hardback   -   Published 2004




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Infantrymen have provided the basis for Australia's land warfare capabilities since the landing of the British Marines with the First Fleet in 1788. In various forms, infantrymen participated in the colonial development of Australia; then during the twentieth century suffered periods of peacetime neglect but when required participated in wars and conflicts that won them recognition as first class combatants and peacekeepers on the battlefields scattered throughout the world.


Redcoats to Cams is the first publication to provide a history of the development of infantry as part of Australia's defence force in war and peace from colonial times to the present day. It tells where Australian infantrymen have served, how they were organised and equipped, what they have done and provides insights into their training, tactical doctrine, methods of operation and operational support. In his foreword General Peter Cosgrove states "...this account is redolent with pertinent and interesting facts and dates. Ian to me has finely blended the legend wit the chronicle and the right balance is there for all." The closing chapters look at the infantry o the future and provide reflection on the essence of infantry organisation, training and operations.


This book has been designed for reading either as a complete volume or in small grabs to meet individual interest or research needs. It is well illustrated, with artwork and photographs providing a visual impression of the development of the Australian infantry including uniforms, weapons, equipment, mobility and the environments in which infantrymen serve.






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