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blood on the wattle


massacres and maltreatment of aboriginal australians since 1788

(third edition)

 bruce elder

Blod on the Wattle was voted the 10th most influential work of Australian non-fiction of the 20th century by Sydney Morning Herald and The Age readers in the 'Spectrum Poll of the Century'.  

'Will anyone ever accurately understand the true scale of the massacres and maltreatment of Australian Aborigines?'

The main new elements included in this third edition include a chapter on the massacres in the New England area of NSW and around the Three Rivers - the Hastings, the Macleay and the Manning.

The information about these massacres and maltreatment of Australian Aborigines keeps being discovered and written about, Elder has taken it as his responsibility to keep abreast of it.

320 pp   -   Paperback   -   Published 2003


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