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A BASTARD OF A PLACE - The Australians in Papua -Kokoda, Milne Bay, Buna, Gona [Brune]

CROSSED BOOMERANGS: History of 31 Battalion WW1 and WW2 - were on Kokoda [Burla]--AMHP

DESERT SANDS - JUNGLE LANDS: Biography of WWII Major General Ken Eather [Eather]

FOREVER FORWARD: Unit history of  2/31 Battalion historyt  [Laffin]

KOKODA: Journalist's version of the men and the actions [Fitzsimons]

KOKODA: Comprehensive account with much Japanese input - highly acclaimed [Ham] 

KOKODA COMMANDER: Biography of 'Tubby' Alllen and his leadership in the Kokoda Campaign [Braga].

KOKODA TREK: Guide to walking through the famous battleground [Baker]-- AMHP

KOKODA TRAIL, THE - A history of the trail from pre-WWII times to now [Hawthorne]

KOKODA TO THE SEA: Unit commander's account of the battles [Sublet]

KOKODA TO WAU: Official history of the campaign [McCarthy]

MEN OF COURAGE: Unit history of  2/25 Battalion - was at Templeton's. [Draydon]--AMHP 

PURPLE DEVILS: History of 2/6 Australian Commando Squadron [Triggelis Smith]

SILENT MEN The An account of the 2/14 Battalion particularly on Kokoda.

THIRD FORCE:  ANGAU's part in the Ppauan campaigns, 1942-46 [Powell]

THOSE RAGGED BLOODY HEROES:  Kokoda Trail to Gona Beach [Brune]

TO KOKODA AND BEYOND: [Reprint] History of 39 Battalion on Kokoda [Austin]-- AMHP

WALK IN THEIR FOOTSTEPS - One man's Kokoda Trail experience [Stone]--AMHP

WARRIOR OF KOKODA: Biography of Brigadier Arnold Potts [Edgar]--AMHP



200 SHOTS - Damien Parer & George Silk filming  Australians in New Guinea [McDonald & Brune]

ALF'S WAR: Service with 6 Division, AIF  [Parbery]--AMHP

ANIMAL ALLIES: The use of animals in all wars [Person]--AMHP

CHESTER WILMOT REPORTS:  Broadcasts That Shaped WW2 [McDonald]

CHOCOS, THE: The militia battalions in the south west Pacific [BUDDEN]

GREEN ARMOUR: War correspondent who accompanied Damien Parer [White]

IKE'S MARINES - Unit history of 36 Australian Infantry Bn - were on Imita Ridge. [Brigg]

LOVE WAR & LETTERS: Author crossed the trail at the time of Japanese landing. [ Hooper]

SHIFTING SAND & SAVAGE JUNGLE: Served with 2/2 Battalion at Templeton's Crossing [Tarlington]--AMHP

SPIRIT OF KOKODA, THE - Journalist's account of the events - uses Digger quotes. [Lindsay] 

SPIRIT OF THE DIGGER: Journalist's account of the events. [Lindsay] 

TO FIND A PATH: History of Papuan Infantry Battalion - first to fight the Japanese at Awala [Sinclair]

VETS AT WAR - A History of the Australian Army Veterinary Corps  [Parsonson]--AMHP

WHEN GOOD MEN DO NOTHING: Author fought at Templeton's and Eora Creek. [Spragg]--AMHP